First Climbing Experience

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to be able to take a lady to the Peak District on a beautifully sunny Sunday for her first climbing experience. With no experience except for a spot of hill walking, Lynette decided on her 60th birthday that she wanted to try something different, something exciting, and what better than a day’s climbing?!

Climbing Coaching

Lynette was interested in Redpoint Adventure’s Private Guiding as she felt it was the best way for her to get the most out of her first climbing experience as we could tailor the event completely to her. Based on that, we met in the morning at the Burbage crag carpark full of energy and excitement for our first route: End Buttress of Burbage North.

Top Rope

Once the ropes had been secured at the top of the crag, it wasn’t long before Lynette was briefed, harnessed up and chomping at the bit, with her husband by her side for extra encouragement. It didn’t take her long to summit her first ever route either! And still grinning keenly, Lynette was lowered off End Buttress; a successful opener to her first climbing experience.


The rest of the day was a complete success and thoroughly enjoyed by all parties. We completed a total of six routes during the day across Burbage North crag, and covered a range of topics and climbing styles. As we topped out of our final route and sat watching the sun begin to set across the Peak District, I couldn’t help but feel that the day summarised very well my view on climbing: it’s a wonderful sport and people are continuously pushing themselves to extraordinary limits around the world, but the level that you climb at is ultimately irrelevant for the happiness of many climbers.


The arbitrary grade is not necessarily a representation of the quality of the climb, nor the sense of fun or achievement received once summitted. If you’re interested in climbing, then I urge you to give it a go, regardless of age, fitness or experience. Who know’s what you’ll get out of it!


Feel free to get in touch with Redpoint Adventure if you’d like to book or find out more about our climbing courses and private guiding.

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