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Despite what many people think, navigation can be fun, challenging and add an extra element to your adventures. It is also essential when heading into the mountains. No matter what route you have planned, the ability to navigate can, at best, ensure that you’re next to a warm fire in the pub before the weather turns truly nasty and, at worst, save your life. Each year over 140 people call Mountain Rescue in England and Wales alone due to navigational errors, not including those that had accidents as a result of being off route. On top of that, at Redpoint Adventure we believe that it should be fun and engaging. With years of experience teaching navigation to children, young people and adults, you can rest assured that you are in safe hands and that you will leave us with a more thorough understanding than when you arrived.

Our Introduction to Navigation course assumes no prior knowledge and covers everything from map selection, how to navigate, use of compass, use of GPS and what to do even if you do become ‘geographically embarrassed’ (or lost to the rest of us!). We will cover contour features, a multitude of navigational techniques and timings. By the end of the two day course you should feel confident enough to head into the outdoors by yourself, safe in the knowledge that you can trust your location.

The Advanced Navigation course builds on previous experience to fill any knowledge gaps and to build on the most important aspects of navigation. As well as general navigation we will also cover the essential techniques of micronavigation and navigation at night, both of which are essential on complicated routes and if things do go wrong whilst you’re out on your adventures. We will cover different techniques, GPS units and an in-depth look at contour features (utilising maps that only show gridlines and contours!).

If there is something particular that you wish to cover, please let us know and we will try to tailor a course for you, or try to arrange something bespoke as required.

Redpoint currently runs 2 navigation courses:

Introduction to Navigation

This course aims to take those with little or no prior experience to being competent and safe navigators over the course of 2 days.

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Advanced Navigation

This course aims to take those with a basic and working knowledge of navigation to being fully competent and independent navigators over the course of two days. This course is an ideal build up for those wishing to take the Hill and Moorland Leader and Mountain Leader Awards.

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